10 Best Islamic Historical Movies

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Islam has had a rich history, so the 10 Islamic Historical movies will give a great depiction of the events. These movies, some documentaries, paint a colourful story of the history in Islamic countries. So sit back, and enjoy some of the best history films ever made.


1. ''Al Nasser Salah Al-Din'' This film is about a great knight named Saladin who fought in the crusades. Taking place in the middle ages, this Islamic historical movie takes a look at medieval times from a whole new perspective.


2. ''The Hajj: One Muslim American's Pilgrimage To Mecca'' The name of this film is self-explanatory. A documentary of an American’s journey to the holy city of Mecca, something highly encouraged for every Muslim to do at least once in their lifetime.


3. ''The Life of The Last Prophet'' A biography of the prophet Muhammad, narrated by the famous Cat Stevens. This Islamic historical movie was labeled as one of the greatest movies about Muhammad ever made.


4. ''Islamic Inventions and Contributions'' A historical documentary about the advances of ancient Islamic societies. Originally aired on British Television, this is an in-depth look at the scientific advances of Muslim scholars at the time.


5. ''When The Moors Ruled in Europe'' An Islamic historical documentary about the times when Spain was ruled by Muslims. It shows how Islamic culture influenced the architecture in Spain and is definitely a great watch.


6. ''Miracles of the Qur'an'' Film is a documentary about the mysterious signs in the Qur'an that was revealed to the prophet Muhammad. It is an enlightening movie and something that anyone with interest should watch.


7. ''Muhammad: The Last Prophet'' An animated Islamic historical film about the rise of the Islamic religion. It shows how the principles of the religion began and what effect it had on the Arab world.


8. ''Islam: Empire of Faith'' Narrated by Ben Kingsley, this film, like the previous one, explores the beginnings of Islam and its expansion through the ages.


9. ''The Message'' This film is another Islamic Historical movie about the beginnings of Islam and the impact it had on the societies around it.


10. ''Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet'' A PBS movie about the prophet Muhammad. This documentary explains the life of Muhammad from birth to death and his contributions to the cultures of the time.

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